Top Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the problems with polling today?

Current polling is conducted through two ways: phone polling and exit polling. Phone polls involve calling individuals and asking them questions such as who they are voting for. Phone polling has a lot of problems- it is expensive because it requires humans to make the phone calls, it is time consuming because most people who answer hang up, it results in a response bias as the person who is answering may be embarrassed, and it lacks key demographic information of the respondent. Exit polling is when individuals stand outside of polling stations and ask voters whom they voted for. Exit polling has numerous problems, and one of the biggest is that you can only conduct an exit poll after an election has already been conducted! Exit polling is impossible for matters where there is no vote, such as if voters support the death penalty. Additionally, exit polling also has biases such as selection and response bias. Due to the need that people conduct exit polls, and these people are generally compensated, exit polling is also very expensive.

Polling is also very inaccurate. If Hillary Clinton had accurate polling data during her 2016 Presidential Campaign, she could have focused her campaign on the areas she thought she would vote for her and won the election- especially considering she overwhelmingly won the popular vote. In the United Kingdom, if accurate polls showed that British voters were going to vote to leave the European Union, there may have been higher voter turnout wishing to remain, and ultimately, resulted in the United Kingdom remaining apart of the European Union. Polling has major and lasting impacts on the future.

Q: How does OpenPoll solve the problems with polling today?

OpenPoll uses a standardized mobile application to connect politicians, research organizations, corporations, and governments directly to people. Unlike phone and exit polling where people giving the poll are paid to collect responses, we remove these employees from the picture and give those funds directly to people answering polls. We effectively cut out the middleman and pass the savings directly to respondents.

Q: What is the POL token, and how is it used?

The POL token is a cryptocurrency which plays an integral part of how the OpenPoll network operates behind the scenes. When researchers or corporations create polls / surveys, they must pay a fee using POL tokens. These POL tokens are distributed to respondents for their data. POL tokens have more use cases than just this however, such as integration with partner services. For detailed information on what uses are possible with POL tokens, check out our white paper!

Q: Is OpenPoll hiring?

Yes! We are hiring people from all types of background from development to investor relations to human resources! If you are looking for a job in San Francisco or Washington D.C., be sure to check out our careers section!

Q: Who is OpenPoll designed for?

Unlike many other startups leveraging blockchain technology, OpenPoll is geared toward nontechnical people and those who are technical! Our user interfaces make it very easy for someone with no blockchain knowledge to convert fiat currency into POL token and vice versa to participate with the network. All applications go through an intuitive test where we take users with no technical background and ensure they are able to use and understand the application.

Q: How do you stop double voting?

This is a great question! OpenPoll has developed, and is continuing, to research a concept called Proof-of-Identity (PoI) and Proof-of-Unique-Identity (PoUI). PoI is a proof that an individual is a human, not a machine. PoUI is a proof that given a list of people, it is provable that a person is not in that list of people. The combination of PoI and PoUI allows OpenPoll to solve the double vote problem, and use the same technology in many other areas, further facilitating mass adoption. For more information on how PoI and PoUI work, please refer to our white paper.

Q: What is your ICO capped at? Token cost?

Our soft cap is $1.5MM and our hard cap is $8.5MM. We are selling POL tokens for $0.10 each during our presale, and $0.15 each during our regular token sale. Our presale begins on 1/31/18 and our token sale begins on 4/15/18. Note that our token prices are based off USD, not ETH or BTC. For purchases made using cryptocurrencies, we will evaluate the USD rate for the cryptocurrency at the time of the purchase. For more information, visit