OpenPoll is giving polls the integrity they once had.

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Phone and exit polling is very expensive. Finding the right demographic and users to respond is very time-consuming and expensive. OpenPoll cuts out the middleman and goes directly to respondents creating a much more cost effective platform for politicians, researchers, and corporations.


The OpenPoll platform is inclusive to people who have previously been disenfranchised in polls in surveys. With the ability to instantly translate into languages and connect with members of all socioeconomic groups, OpenPoll provides more representative data and gives everyone a fair voice.


Polling today is significantly biased, with both selection and response biases. Polling outside of a Target versus a Walmart? Selection Bias. Do you have a male asking questions instead of a female? Response Bias. By removing the human element and polling anonymously, we eliminate polling biases.


Corporations have the option to encrypt their data through the system. No one has access to private data, not even OpenPoll. All data is decentralized and stored on our blockchain, with the industry standard encryption capabilities. We offer the ability to release your data publicly at any time, and keep it verifiable.

Zip-Code Accuracy

Target and analyze down to a zip code. We support polls at all scales, from local communities to entire nations. Analyze how responses differ across different communities and cities with no additional cost. Polling costs scale to size, and are suitable for all campaigns. Local polling has never before been this easy or affordable.


The OpenPoll network relies on a distributed peer to peer technology to provide permanent, verifiable, and decentralized result aggregation and storage, ensuring results are fully resistant to latent manipulation.

Coming June 2018!

Ready to be apart of the future of polling? OpenPoll will empower civic engagement and restore the credibility of the industry. Get ready for our mobile app coming out June 2018. Join our newsletter to get news about our beta test.

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