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Dear Politicians

June 10, 2018

Dear Politicians — #NoOneAskedMe

96% of all elected officials are in local government, yet polling remains available to only the 4% of state and federal representatives (see Table 3.1.).

How can you represent the citizens you serve if you don’t have a piece of their mind?

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OpenPoll — The mobile app that connects local politicians directly to constituents.

Citizens elect and finance politicians who make decisions that can affect a community for generations to come. It is the duty of elected officials to listen and act in the best interests of the people. Without this mutual exchange, government programs and policies will fall short of citizens goals. It is time for constituents to join together with their local governments to improve communities and face challenges together.

Biased, filtered, fake, distrusted. These are words the public uses to describe the current state of the polling industry. OpenPoll is pioneering a movement through a platform that creates a two-way mutual exchange, resulting in more inclusive and representative research/polling data.

How do we do this? OpenPoll leverages blockchain technology, resulting in a polling platform that is transparent, unstoppable and has no central authority to manipulate results.

Unlike typical polling and market research services, the OpenPoll platform is fully anonymous, open-source, and bridges language and socioeconomic barriers that have excluded the disenfranchised for decades. Many Americans feel ignored. We have a mission to GIVE ALL AMERICANS AN EQUAL VOICE.

Early adopters of our platform will have a competitive advantage to engage with voters like never before possible.

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Understand Your Base

Identify who your base really is and what matters most to them. How do your constituents feel on issues such as education, welfare, and health? What issues decide their vote, and how do you stand on those issues?

Hand Crafted Mailers

Spending money on mailers is expensive. With OpenPoll, we help you analyze how receptive constituents are down to the zip code. Tailor your mailers based on each zip code to maximize your chances of winning and telling voters how you stand on the issues important to them.

Real-time Polling

Low-cost polling allows you to determine voter affinity and predict election outcomes at a level never before possible. See how you stand against your opponents, and control costs based on real-time polling data.

Built for Everyone

If this is your first campaign running in a local election, or you are a seasoned politician running for U.S. Congress, we are here to help. Our tools and prices scale to campaigns of all sizes to help our customers get the data they need to drive winning campaign decisions.


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OpenPoll will conduct a beta launch to provide a proof-of-concept this summer in Guilford County, NC.



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