Solutions for Education



Prospective students may fall into one of two categories. There are individuals who are aware of your institution and those who do not know you exist. Cultivate interest by enticing future applicants with unique benefits of studying at your institution. Advertise academic programs within your institution and follow-up with individuals who are interested in learning more. Direct students to your web page and social media networks.

Marketing and Branding

Understand the public perception of your institution. Define and articulate a message around your University. It is increasingly competitive to build a unique brand, communicate your message of what sets you apart and engage with the public to understand your branding across the country and among different groups. Analyze your brand at the local, state, and national level.

Graduate and Faculty Research

Currently, a major challenge is the freedom to communicate among researchers and to disseminate such research information. We are providing a platform where students and faculty members can collect valuable data to conduct their research and collect detailed data.

Advertise Events Open to the Public

Whether you have a notable speaker coming to campus, an upcoming football game with unsold tickets, a limited-time-only art exhibit, or other campus events, invite the public using OpenPoll.

Assess Your Alumni Image

How do individuals from your school rank among graduates from similar institutions? How many of your graduates are in certain areas and certain fields? Assess the reputation of your alumni, highlight accomplishments of recent alumni and collect valuable information for strategic planning.

Strategic Planning

Creating a competitive advantage is difficult. Understand your position in the higher education marketplace and determine how you can improve your standing. We supply data to drive decision-making and help institutions align resources with markets and strategic goals.