Hotels and Restaurants


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Get Accurate Feedback

The OpenPoll platform uses blockchain technology, which allows for completely anonymous, verifiable polling. Customers will be able to give more accurate feedback on your hotel or restaurant knowing their name is not attached to their opinion.

Maintain a Customer-centric Brand

Have a new menu item you want to test? Need a design opinion? Create polls that will enable customers (and potential customers) to have a voice in business decisions. You can also message users to send them special offers.

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Crush Your Competitors

Our application allows you to create a variety of polls that adhere to our guidelines. You can run comparison polls to set yourself apart from competitors. Find out what consumers like about their business, and use it to improve yours. Valuable market research information will allow for enhanced business development.

Business Expansion

Planning to expand your business into other markets/locations? The OpenPoll application will allow you to target an audience down to a specific zip code. You will be able to use this research information to find out which geographic location will maximize your customer base and revenue.

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