Solutions for Local Government
Survey Public Opinion of Local Government Performance regarding: Public safety, Healthcare, Urban development, Education and Parks and Recreation


Educate local citizens government services available in the area

Provide information about local assistance programs. Connect citizens with resources they can access and where they are located.

Connecting to Local Citizens

Direct citizens to the location of their polling station. Determine citizen satisfaction with various city efforts. Determine likelihood of voter turnout. Inform citizens about local issues.

Community Event Awareness

It is important to connect with the public and provide information to groups for various events in the local community such as city council meetings, art shows, festivals, training programs etc. (OpenPoll allows you to target your intended audience and follow up with interested individuals.)

Strategic Planning

Often, local government officials assume they know what the public at-large wants in their community. OpenPoll provides a two-way dialogue to poll the public and determine how they feel about local spending, infrastructure, education and more.

Participatory Budgeting Awareness

Participatory Budgeting (PB) is a democratic process that allows residents to help determine how public funds are spent. Many cities have adopted this process but it is important that citizens understand the process and schedule to participate.