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Official mining application for OpenPoll Platform

Purpose: This document holds the very basic necessities that the mining application will need. The mining application supports two different types of mining: (1) mining the OpenPoll main blockchain, and (2) mining multiple different shard blockchains. All miners at the time of initial launch are required to operate full nodes, until a light miner is released. Before understanding the architecture and design of the mining application, you should understand the theory behind the OpenPoll main and shard blockchains. This document describes the software implementation of the mining application, however, it does not describe the higher level theory behind the main blockchain, or individual shard chains.

Mining Application Responsibilities

The mining application has many different responsibilities, but principally, it has the ability to transform a computer into a node running optionally on the main blockchain, or turn a single computer into a node for many shard blockchains.

Node CLI Commands

Miners must be able to interface with the application and know the state of their operations. Miners must be able to know what pollId’s are available for them to work on, be able to start or drop working on any pollId (or the main chain), and they must be able to know what they have won a mining race and will be rewarded eventually. We can use [commander]( to take terminal input and let users interface with internal application state that way.

Basic Top-Level Commands To Support



fetch <pollId>

purge <pollId>

startmine <pollId>

stopmine <pollId>

blockchain <pollId>

block <blockIndex> <pollId>

rescan <pollId>

walletcreate <password>