Solutions for Non-Profits


Raise Awareness & Build your Organization

Use polls to understand your public image, build an audience, and rally others for your cause. Notify people of upcoming events or simply inform them of the purpose behind your company. Conduct follow-up polls to maintain communication with supporters and continue shining light on your business.

Understand (Communicate with) Employees and Stakeholders

Better understand the wants and needs of the people that compose the foundation of your business. Give employees and stakeholders an outlet to anonymously voice their opinions and ensure the business is moving in the right direction for everyone.

Conduct Accurate, Targeted Research

At a great price point, you can conduct targeted research and yield accurate, verifiable results, down to the zipcode. This research will help make fact-based decisions and understand where more awareness is needed and where your organization can grow.

Volunteer Outreach

Recruit locals who are passionate about your cause. Send out meeting reminders, agenda topics, and more.