Small Businesses and Corporations


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Business Development

Engage with your target demographic to make business decisions. Conduct research from polling results that will enable you to better run your company. Get first hand insight into what your customer wants.

Increase Brand Awareness/Recognition

Communication is key. Survey participants are able to select their survey category preferences and refer friends. Word spreads and brands who conduct surveys become easily recognizable to anyone on the OpenPoll platform.

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Minimize Losses

Minimizes your loss of assets in terms of unsold merchandise (i.e. gain more accurate/valuable market research information in order to create and market your products based off a need, rather than an assumption. You can isolate surveys based on geographic location which will allow for more accurate product allocation among retail stores.

Broaden Customer Base and Maintain Customer Loyalty

Find out what your customers like and maintain a loyal connection. Our platform, unlike other surveying methods, allows for user follow-up. You are able to follow-up with survey participants to gain additional feedback. The app allows you to send messages and reward participants with product discounts, gift cards, and other perks.

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