political polls - Testing polling in Greensboro

Testing polling in Greensboro

June 10, 2018

OpenPoll is a nonpartisan polling platform that leverages block chain technology to provide an open-source and decentralized alternative to traditional polling.
Our mission is to communicate the voice of the people as an agent of authenticity and self-representation. By escaping the problems inherent to traditional polling,
OpenPoll will empower civic engagement and restore the credibility of the industry. OpenPoll is a mobile app that gives everyone an equal voice.

Setting political views and differences aside, a team of millennials and Generation Z students from across the country has come together to give the people of this great nation the voice that is critical to the success of our country. The initiative is centered on creating a force for good, empowering local citizens and demanding collaboration among politicians and constituents.

This summer, OpenPoll will conduct a beta launch in Guilford County. Follow the team and this journey to restore the integrity of polling and give you a voice by visiting openpoll.io

Mia Chamberlain

Greensboro  NC


Greensboro News

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