The Cost of Free Speech

April 18, 2018

The Cost of Free Speech

Political correctness silences discussions society needs to have. These discussions are critical to shaping the future of communities across our country.

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Today, most Americans are afraid to share their political views. Regardless of what political party you align with, Americans of all political stripes have certain political views they do not openly express. “Coming out” about your political views can be devastating to friendships, relationships, and even your career.

OpenPoll Anonymity
The percentage of Americans who are not willing to discuss certain topics due to their sensitive nature suggests that they do not want their identity linked to their opinion on these issues. OpenPoll provides a platform where respondents can anonymously voice their opinion.

58% of all Americans believe the political climate prevents them from sharing their own political beliefs, an overwhelmingly 73% of Republicans.

The anonymity of the respondent is a central component to the OpenPoll application. OpenPoll serves as an agent of authenticity and self-representation for the public-at-large. Providing an opportunity for municipal leaders to easily solicit feedback from the citizens they serve, this platform will cultivate conversation, engagement, and collaboration in communities.

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OpenPoll Cost
The OpenPoll platform will provide representative voter sentiment at a fraction of the cost of tradition polling methods.

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Financially, public-sector agencies are limited by the necessary means to generate public discourse and two-way discussion. It is time for constituents to join together with their local governments to improve communities and face challenges together. Fostering an alliance between both sides will create rich and lasting solutions. Building a common purpose and aligning goals with initiatives will generate societal and cultural progress.

Citizens elect and finance leaders in their community, and with this power comes great responsibility. It is paramount for citizens to remain civically engaged and the duty of elected officials to listen and act in the best interests of the people. Without this mutual exchange, government programs and policies will fall short of citizens goals.

Politicians, including staffers and any political office workers, are interested in using the platform (1) as a method to communicate with their constituents, and (2) during political campaigning to help them appropriate campaign funds.

Upon receiving anonymous feedback from respondents, poll creators will have an option to conduct follow-ups with the exact pool of initial respondents. This allows for two-way dialogue and continued participation from both-sides.

Developed by OpenPoll Inc. © 2018
The OpenPoll Platform

➔ Cost:​ The system eliminates the cost of human labor, making it substantially cheaper than other services. The standard industry cost of user acquisition is converted to a fixed cost.
➔ Fully Representative:​ Bridges prevailing language and socioeconomic gaps, resulting in more inclusive and representative research/polling data.
➔ Price Scalability:​ From municipal polls to national polls, prices scale appropriately and are affordable to all organizations.
➔ Data Ownership: ​No corporation or entity (not even OpenPoll) owns the poll data except for the survey creator. Researchers can fully encrypt their data.
➔ Bias Mitigation:​ Response bias, a significant source of error in phone and exit polls, is completely alleviated.
➔ Geographic Accuracy: ​Consumers can be targeted down to their zip code.
➔ Data Integration: ​Data can be automatically and seamlessly integrated with partner services for big-data analytics.

Unlike typical market research and polling services, our platform is fully anonymous, open-source, and bridges language and socioeconomic barriers that have excluded the disenfranchised for decades.

OpenPoll leverages blockchain technology, resulting in a polling platform that is anonymous, transparent, unstoppable and has no central authority to manipulate results.

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