The Future of Polling

April 18, 2018

The Future of Polling

OpenPoll is rebuilding the integrity of polling, and giving all Americans an equal voice

Fundamental problems in polling have blurred the distribution of opinion and hindered the credibility of the polling industry. Traditional market research and political polling methods are extremely vulnerable to response bias wherein respondents respond incorrectly or do not respond at all. In the 2016 American Presidential Election, an overwhelming number of polls showed a decisive win by then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Preliminary polls were used by parties and candidates to determine appropriate campaign fund distribution. Even though the polls were conducted by numerous different professional research institutions, they were overwhelmingly incorrect and provided invalid insight.

OpenPoll is a fully anonymous polling platform that rewards users by paying them for their responses. Anyone with a smartphone will be able to get the OpenPoll app and start polling.

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Key Advantages of OpenPoll

  • Cost: The system eliminates the cost of human labor, making it substantially cheaper than other services. The persistent industry cost of user acquisition is converted to a fixed cost.
  • Fully Representative: Bridges prevailing language and socioeconomic gaps, resulting in more inclusive and representative research/polling data.
  • Price Scalability: From municipal polls to national polls, prices scale appropriately and are affordable to all organizations.
  • Data Ownership: No corporation or entity (not even OpenPoll) owns the poll data except for the survey creator. Researchers can fully encrypt their data.
  • Bias Mitigation: Response bias, a significant source of error in phone and exit polls, is completely alleviated.
  • Geographic Accuracy: Consumers can be targeted down to their zip code.
  • Data Integration: Data can be automatically and fluidly integrated with partner services for big-data analytics.


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