The Local Government Gap

April 18, 2018

The Local Government Gap

Today we see increased involvement in “civic engagement” on a national level, but what about our local government? When we walk into a polling booth, do we even know half of the names on the ballot? Do we know what issues the candidates support? Or do we vote solely based on political party?

Right now, we rely on local news and city council meetings to learn about issues in our community. It seems as though people are trained to scrutinize national issues, which oftentimes don’t have an immediate impact on their everyday life. What many people forget is that the majority of the decisions and laws passed in local government affect them directly.

Local school quality, public safety, and public transit are just a few of the matters that the local government is responsible for regulating.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a platform that allows you to voice your opinion? A new smartphone app called OpenPoll will do exactly that. OpenPoll is a fully anonymous polling platform that rewards users by paying them for their responses. Anyone with a smartphone will be able to get the OpenPoll app and start polling.

OpenPoll will be able to team up with campaign managers to conduct surveys that will allow the public to become informed on local government matters. Users will be able to answer polls that are as specific as catering towards their particular zip code. This will allow them to voice their opinion on issues in their community.

OpenPoll utilizes blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in order to offer more accurate polls, represent more individuals, and provide better political and business insight.

You can expect OpenPoll to launch the app in 2018. The company will have a beta launch in Guilford County, North Carolina early summer.

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